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What is Digital Marketing
and How Can It Help You?

It’s an exciting time for both consumers and entrepreneurs, as well as marketing and public relations professionals who work hard to serve them. Digital marketing offers options for a variety of budgets and creative needs. But, what is digital marketing and how can it help your business or nonprofit?

Digital marketing is a form of promoting your product or services via technology. From desktops to laptops, tablets to phones, digital marketing can take many forms.

Examples include:

Google analytical reports, social media insights, clicks and opens and link monitoring all give information valuable in understanding audience interest, helping lead people to purchase your products or services or donate to your organization. You can even track which pages a person visits on your website, helping define which of your products or services are most popular.

Is digital marketing truly for any business or nonprofit organization?

Absolutely! In its simplest form, digital marketing is a way for any business to connect with clients using a computer, smart phone or any other online device.

That means a house painter with a crew of one and a website highlighting gorgeous photos of his or her work and video testimonials has implemented (or can implement) … you guessed it … digital marketing.

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