Point Taken Free Marketing Guides


Point Taken’s Free Marketing Guides Point Taken is proud to offer a number of free, downloadable guides to help you find more prospects, leads and customers. Our guides can also assist you in retaining your current customer base by keeping your target audience connected to your brand. Click on the link to download our free […]

What is OTT Advertising?


What is OTT Advertising? Are you watching TV or movies via an app? Do you watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ or Peacock? (Side note, our president, Michelle Gilliam, was extremely excited to discover she can stream episode upon episode of Law and Order SVU on Peacock). If you are using any of […]

What is a Communications Plan?


What is a Communications Plan? Plans are the key to the success of any project. So just like you need a business plan, you also need a communications plan. Think about it. You wouldn’t cook a meal without a recipe. You wouldn’t build a deck without a design and layout. You wouldn’t construct a building […]

How Has the Pandemic Changed Business?


How Has the Pandemic Changed Business? How has the pandemic changed business? It’s been just over a year since our lives drastically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we’re making progress and closer to getting back to normal in some ways, there are other changes from the pandemic that may be here to stay. […]

March is Women’s History Month


March is Women’s History Month March is Women’s History Month and not only does History.com and The History Channel celebrate it (Women’s History Month 2021 – HISTORY), but the month is celebrated internationally. The month has been celebrated since 1987 in collaboration with International Women’s Day which falls on March 8. Celebrating women is something […]

Honor Black History Month


February 2021 couldn’t be a better time for business owners to truly focus on ways to show their support for the black community. After political and racial unrest, many people said they had goals moving forward to be more aware of different cultures and mindsets. 2021 is a new year and a fresh start. February is Black History Month, so there couldn’t be a better time for a business to start brainstorming ways to show their community how they support black businesses, voices and the community as a whole. Point Taken explains how to honor Black History Month…