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What is the Difference
Between Direct Mail
and Email Marketing?

Mail…it can come to the mailbox at your house or office or bombard your email inbox, so what is the difference between direct mail and email marketing? 

Point Taken offers both direct mail and email marketing services, but both serve different purposes. 

Direct mail is physical. It’s a letter, a postcard, a free sample you send a prospect, lead or customer in the mail. While many of us quickly toss much of our mail in the recycling bin, as our email inboxes fill up, a strong direct mail piece can catch a prospect, lead or existing customer’s attention. That piece of direct mail must be compelling to your target audience. It must be a piece of mail that catches their attention. It must stand out from the rest of the paper bills, advertisements and coupons filling the mailbox they might only check once a week.

Email marketing is quick, but as more and more organizations turn to email marketing, again your email must be unique and must grab the attention of your prospect, lead or customer. As quickly as people toss physical mail into the recycling bin, your email recipients might simply hit trash (or worse, spam) and ignore you email marketing. Your email marketing must be tailored to your target market.

The benefit: direct and email marketing works. If you can catch a prospect, lead or customer’s attention, you are more likely to secure more sales or donations. 

Ready to jump into direct or email marketing? Or maybe both? Contact Point Taken today.

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