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7 Veterinary Marketing Tips

Promoting your veterinary practice might be the last thing on your mind. From taking care of patients to managing your staff and owner expectations, marketing often falls to the bottom of your to-do list. Point Taken, a marketing and PR firm specializing in veterinary marketing, shares 7 veterinary marketing tips.

  1. Share stories on social media: We understand how hard it can be to consistently post on social media, especially as networks evolve and algorithms change. That doesn’t mean you should count out social media. Whether you post a simple photo of the “Pet of the Day” or a video of  happy customers during or after their exams, make sure to post so you stay on your customers’ minds. *Don’t forget to get a signed waiver if you are using pictures of people or pets instead of stock photos.
  2. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date:  Changed locations or your practice’s phone number? Ensure your address, email address and phone number are consistent across the internet. There are services that can help you easily update your contact info online, but you will also need to do some manual labor to make sure the information on your social media sites and website are the same. The last thing you want is a pet parent trying to reach you during an emergency who can’t find your phone number. 
  3. Ensure you are listed on Google Maps: You may have noticed businesses listed on Google Maps appear high in Google search rankings. Make sure you list your veterinary practice with Google Maps and work on your website’s search engine optimization regularly.
  4. Share your knowledge: While you may often share your veterinary knowledge with journals like JAVMA, AAHA Trends or JVEEC, it is also important to contribute to consumer magazines, where potential clients may see what you have to say. 
  5. Email and text your clients: Make sure your clients feel connected to your veterinary practice by reminding them you care. Send regular emails with updates on what’s happening at your office, but also send personalized emails and texts on pets’ birthdays and specials (haven’t booked enough grooming appointments? Send a text offering 20% off a nail trim to keep those quicks short).
  6. Share testimonials: Potential customers are more likely to hire a veterinarian others trust. Gather as many testimonials as possible from happy customers (with their pets of course) and showcase those references on your website, social media  and other collateral. *Again, make sure to get written permission to use the testimonials before sharing them.
  7. Know when to seek help: Sometimes, you don’t have time to market your veterinary practice. That’s completely understandable. When you need help, seek out an experienced veterinary marketer who can help you promote your practice.

Veterinary marketing isn’t easy, especially if you are running the practice and / or caring for patients. Point Taken, a marketing and PR firm specializing in veterinary marketing, hopes these 7 veterinary marketing tips help you take charge of your veterinary marketing.

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