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What is Search Engine
Optimization Marketing?

Every business or nonprofit wants to rank on page one of Google, so what is search engine optimization marketing and how do you actually reach page one?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the development of content designed to rank higher in search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Through a combination of keyword research, carefully crafted writing (of text, meta descriptions, slugs, alt text and titles), quality link building, removal of spammy links, regular updates of informative, highly relevant content and monitoring of your site’s speed, you can rank higher online. An experienced agency with a proven record of helping clients rank in higher spots on search engines can help your business or nonprofit website reach close to or onto page one. 

Yes, it’s easy to place an ad to rank higher on search engines (and advertising in search engines should be a part of your overall marketing plan), organic search engine optimization marketing is an important part of finding new leads, prospects and customers. If your site is not ranking as high as you like, it’s time to do an analysis of the health of your website. Is your site loading quickly? Perhaps your host is too slow or your images are too large. Is your address showing up differently on some websites? Maybe you need to regulate the distribution of your information to the internet. Are a lot of spammy sites linking into your site? It might be time to disavow some of those sites on search engines. 

At Point Taken, we act as your partner in search engine marketing management. We’ll monitor your site to help you rank higher online to drive more sales and donations.

Ready to Spark Change in Your Search Engine Rankings?

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