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Should I Update My Website?

New year, new look. Staying trendy in the coming months means walking a fine line between incorporating compelling and engaging elements while keeping your website simple and speedy.

Here are three questions to ask yourself in order of importance.

1. Is my website mobile friendly?

As smartphones continue to dominate the market over desktops, especially when it comes to customers making last-minute purchases, your mobile site deserves a strong focus. Mobile-friendly sites should have:

  • Fast load times
  • Speed throughout the site
  • Ease of use

Google announced in March 2018 they were rolling out mobile-first indexing.


According to Google, mobile-first indexing means Google will utilize the mobile version of a web page for indexing and ranking. Google says that helps mobile users find what they’re looking for.

2. Is my website engaging?

  • Video

While speed on a site ranks high with our instant-gratification society, video continues to trend on all the research. Leading the pack for homepages are dark, background video headers with light print.

Videos grab attention, but they should be short and concise. While a view may watch a long tutorial video, to attract a new prospect, lead or customer, you want a quick and compelling video.

  • Chatbots

Like the chatbot on our homepage, chatbots act as autoresponders answering frequently asked questions.

Want to learn more about chatbots? Read our article.

  • Interactive Content

To keep users engaged, your website needs quality content. Thing well-written blog posts, links to social media and compelling video like we mentioned above.

3. Does my website need a fresh look?

If you’re going to stay trendy, you’ve got to know the trends. We’ve done the legwork for you. Here are the top elements in 2019 web design trends:

  • Minimalism – Clean and simple makes for easy comprehension. 
  • Bright Colors –Bold, engaging colors keeps visitors on your site.
  • Shapes – Natural or geometric, streamlined, broken grid and asymmetrical layouts lead the pack.
  • Speed – Whether you opt for a single page design or attach attention-grabbing visuals, none of it will matter if it’s not quick and user-friendly.

Want to learn more? Read this article by Design Rush.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, your website should follow the 2019 website trends. Ready for a new site? Point Taken can help. Contact us today.

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