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Five Reasons to Use Chatbots
on Your Website

The use of chatbots is growing rapidly, and these computer programs that simulate human interaction are making it easier to connect with your prospects, leads, customers and donors. While you might think you can just use chatbots to responds to requests through your website or social media, chatbots can do so much more. Some chatbots schedule deliveries, instantly respond to multiple requests at the same time or purchase food or products. With some many options, chatbots are helping many marketers automate their responses to frequently asked questions to help potential customers and donors move through the sales funnel towards purchase or donation.

Point Taken, a Jacksonville marketing, public relations and web design firm, shares five reasons to use Chatbots on your website.

  1. Automatically Respond to Inquiries: Chatbots can act as your customer service team, answering questions from your prospects, leads and customers in seconds. When you create your chatbot, you can teach it how to respond to frequently asked questions so customers quickly get the answers they need.
  2. Provide Excellent Customer Support: Since Chatbots are always online, they are always available to answer your prospects, leads and customers’ questions, even when you aren’t available. Depending how you or your developer sets up the chatbot, it can answer a wide variety of questions and move prospects, leads and existing customers further down your sales funnel. Chatbots can even send follow up emails with prospects who have engaged with your chatbot but haven’t made a purchase.
  3. Sell via Facebook Messenger: Connect your e-commerce store to your chatbot on your business Facebook page, and you can make sales right in in the Messenger application. People can talk to you about the products they like, and you can suggest other products that might suit their needs. Customers can then quickly purchase right in the Messenger app.
  4. Personalize Sales Pitches: Using merge fields, you can easily add a person’s name or other data about them to personalize your conversations via your chatbot. Use attributes collected by Facebook or information you collect from your chatbot’s interactions with the prospect, lead or customer.
  5. Increase Open Rates: As more and more people’s inboxes are filled with more and more emails, less and less e-blasts are opened. According to Forbes, chatbots are getting 80 to 90 percent open rates and 20 percent click-through-rates. That’s much higher than the average open rate percentages for a variety of industries that range from the high 20s to high 40s, as reported by HubSpot. 

There are a variety of Chatbot options to use on your website such as ChattbottleChatobookThereisabothforthat  and Botlist, many of which work directly with Facebook Messenger. Curious how it works? Click the orange circle on the bottom right of our site and start chatting with our bot now.

Ready to use chatbots on your website? Point Taken can help. Contact us today to find out how we can add chatbots and artificial intelligence to your website today.

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