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2019 Social Media Trends

Video remains king – Generation Z deserves our attentionAs far back as April, some social media trend followers boldly predicted the future. They did so knowing time would eventually expose them as either hasty or genius. The latter is proving to be true. 

Take for example, keep all eyes on Generation Z. It makes good marketing sense to understand the habits of this newly-incomed resource in revenues. Especially since they have lived their entire lives in the internet age. 

For example, this group prefers video and audio commands in lieu of typing. Remember, in an earlier Point Taken PR blog, we clued you in to pushing mobile compatibility to the top of your 2019 web redesign priorities.

This Gen Z trend pushes social commerce to a new level. Even Snapchat has rolled out an e-commerce strategy in recent months. Factor in other age groups—Millenials, Gens X and Y, Baby Boomers, you name it—jumping on board, and the term “impulse buy” no longer belongs to gum and magazines in the checkout line. It now applies to the latest fashion and makeup. Sporting goods and electronic devices. All yours with just a click of the BUY NOW button on the social advertisement.

In social marketing, video continues to dominate without the need of expensive production. Programs like Wave and Animoto or inexpensive editing tools such as Adobe Elements only require creativity to turn a creation born out of necessity into a million-dollar idea.

Facebook and Instagram now host stories at the top of each user’s page. Advertisements intermingle with our need to know what our neighbor is up to today. Live videos on these platforms deserve props for cheap entertainment and, in some cases, an inexpensive way for business owners to reach the local audience directly.

Free motivational or educational videos filter through our newsfeed. Sucking us in until we won’t stop watching, even during a brief 10-second commercial strategically placed in the middle.

Social media video not only makes good financial marketing sense with more bang for the buck, it is also readily available when the audience wants to consume it. Word on the information highway is more video options are already in the works for the New Year.

If creativity and technology are not in your wheelhouse, contact Point Taken today. We can help you create a marketing campaign that challenges your goals while staying within your budget.

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