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With decades of experience across our team members, Point Taken Communications specializes in public relations for financial advisors, brokerages, banks, credit unions, investment funds, insurance companies and accountancy firms. From small, local financial institutions to large, nationally recognized brands, our clients have included credit unions, EFT and POS networks, investment firms and financial transition specialists. While their size and scope have varied, they all have shared the same goal: growing their business and better engaging their target audiences.
The finance industry is constantly evolving with new technology, new service offerings and financial products, and emerging competitors. Point Taken has its pulse on financial services industry communications trends and knows how to position your brand to hyper-target and engage your stakeholders and clients.

With so many communication tools at our fingertips today, we know how it can be overwhelming to navigate. We specialize in developing targeted, thorough and creative public relations strategies and tactics – leveraging our knowledge and expertise about public relations for financial advisors and services – and deploying the right tactics at the right time to the right audience to achieve your objectives. We partner with your financial services firm to serve as an extension of your team, sharing not only public relations results, but also industry intel to comprehensively support your business goals.

Here are some of the ways Point Taken can help you communicate your value to your target market:
  • Providing useful intel to your clients based on your knowledge, experience and pulse on your industry, such as market updates, regulation changes, tax-related matters and investment strategies.
  • We can help publish your subject-matter expertise in local, regional and national media outlets, trade periodicals and investment websites.
  • Point Taken can create e-blasts, SMS messaging, videos, social media content, website landing pages and virtual events / seminars to share your expertise with your prospects and clients.

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Meet Some of the Financial Clients We've Helped

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