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Who is Visiting My Website?

As a business owner, marketing director or nonprofit manager, you are probably curious who is visiting your website. You probably want to know what content they are viewing and if they are clicking on some of your most important pages (think your pricing table or contact page). But how do you figure out who is visiting your website so you can target them in your marketing efforts? Point Taken, a Jacksonville-based marketing, public relations and web design firm specializing in small business and nonprofit communications, offers some tips to answer the question, “Who is visiting my website?”

Make Money with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation systems like HubSpot are excellent sources of valuable data about website visitors. Marketing automation systems give you daily (or weekly) reports of everyone who visits your site. If a prospect fills out a form on your website or clicks on a link in an email sent from your marketing automation system, you’ll see the name of the person who visited your site. You can even log into the system to see the pages the person visited and entire history of their interaction with your website and emails. Marketing automation systems also give you information about anonymous visitors to your website, showing which company they are from or which internet provider they are using. Marketing automation system costs vary but with built-in email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) systems and dynamic content, marketing automation makes it easy to earn more money by sending targeted emails or drip campaigns to prospects, leads or customers.

Get with Google Analytics

While Google Analytics won’t give you names of people visiting your website, it will give you detailed data on demographics, pages visited and referral sources. If you want to know who is visiting your website from cities near you, which pages are the most popular on your site and how visitors are finding out about your website, Google Analytics has the data you need. Google Analytics is free and provides a wealth of information for small business owners and nonprofit managers about website visitors.

Need help figuring out who is visiting your website? Need assistance setting up marketing automation or Google Analytics?  Contact Point Taken today for help.

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