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What is My Media Coverage Worth?

It is hard to figure out exactly what a media story is worth. Marketing directors, PR professionals, business owners, development directors — really anyone who has secured some form of media story — has probably asked, “What is my media coverage worth?” In this quick quiz, Point Taken will help give you an idea of the value of that coverage you secured (depending on your screen size, you may need to scroll down to complete the quiz):

What is My Media Coverage Worth?


You did it! You finally got that story about your organization published in a reputable media outlet. But now, you have to prove to your boss (or your board) why that coverage is so important. With this short quiz, Point Taken can help you put a value on the media coverage you secured. Let's get to it!

For years, media coverage was valued by AVE (Advertising Equivalency Value). Tom Watson of Bournemouth University defines AVE as “calculated by multiplying the column centimetres of editorial print coverage and seconds of broadcast publicity by the respective media advertising rates.” But don’t get out that ruler or timer just yet. The Barcelona Principles “identify the importance of goal setting, the need for outcomes, instead of outputs-based measurement of PR campaigns, the exclusion of ad value equivalency metrics, the validity of quantitative and qualitative measurements, the value of social media, and a holistic approach to measurement and evaluation.”

Still confused? We get it. Factor in digital media, and the calculations become even more difficult. Here, Post Beyond breaks down the values of social posts. Take potential reach, engagements, shares and clicks, and your metrics get fuzzier. 

At Point Taken, we evaluate each media hit carefully, examining the placement of the story, the time and day it was aired or published and the size of the outlet. We then develop values based on our decades of experience in the industry to give your leadership a clearer understanding of each earned media hit. It is called earned media for a reason: you didn’t pay for the story, you earned its placement, and it deserves to be valued as so.

Need help securing media hits for your organizing or evaluating the value of story? Contact Point Taken today. 

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