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What is Environmental Advocacy
Public Relations and Marketing?

As the world changes and politics becomes more divided in our country, you could be struggling to ask, “What is Environmental Advocacy Public Relations and Marketing?” Point Taken, a public relations and marketing agency specializing in nonprofits, explains how to promote an environmental advocacy public relations and marketing organization.

Whether you are tasked with promoting an organization protecting the ocean, forests, rainforests, wildlife, cultural survival, climate justice or agriculture, it is often a challenge to understand how to promote your organization. Whether your organization is big or small, new or established, you need to start with a strategic plan. Take an in-depth, deep dive into your organization, outlining your goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis), your messaging and your audience. Review the plan with your leadership, board of directors, staff, volunteers, donors and other stakeholders. With a solid strategic plan, you can begin developing public relations and marketing tactics to promote your environmental advocacy organization.

Some tactics you could try include:

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