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Setting PR and Marketing Goals
for Your Business or Nonprofit

It’s a new year which means it’s the perfect time to start setting PR and marketing goals for your business or nonprofit. Maybe it’s even time to pursue some exciting things that you’ve been holding back from trying. From a business standpoint, it could mean offering a new service to your customers, learning a new way to connect with them or even setting new revenue goals for your company. Point Taken, a PR and marketing firm, is sharing  PR and marketing goals to help give your 2022 brainstorming a boost.

It’s been a challenging few years but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to adapt and help your business succeed, even in new and different times. Forbes reminds us about the importance of creating personalized pitches. Whether reaching out to a journalist or pitching an idea to a potential client, according to Muck Rack’s 2021 Sate of PR report, 96 percent of PR professionals agree that a personalized email is the best way to approach a pitch.

Business Wire contributor Maura FitzGerald says effective internal communications within companies is going to be crucial in 2022. Trying times in recent years have reminded us about the importance of family and health. People want to work for a company that realizes the importance of values outside of the workplace. If an employee feels valued and respected, he or she is more likely to give even more to their company. At Point Taken our employees have families and priorities outside of work that we know are important. A happy and healthy life outside of work can easily transfer to the office and vice versa. Check in with your team to find out how they’re doing both at work and at home on a regular basis. Encourage your manager to do the same.

As a small business owner, you might find short-term goals easier to keep your business on track. As Alliance Virtual Offices explains, setting short-term goals can help you dream big. Short-term goals can also help you feel more successful as your accomplishing tinier tasks in a shorter period of time.

Companies that set goals are more likely to see success, according to Startup Nation. Focus on educating your customers, not just selling. With so many advertisements  these days, from telemarketing calls to social media ads, people are getting tired of the hard sell. The more you educate and familiarize your audience with what you’re trying to sell or do, the more likely customers are to be invested down the line when a selling conversation comes up. This technique is often called content marketing and is a great way to engage more leads and customers. Point Taken has worked with a wide variety of businesses and nonprofits, big and small, to help them not only educate their audience, but find their best audience.

Whether you want to increase revenue, better your work environment or just brainstorm the best 2022 goals for your company, Point Taken is ready to help you tackle the new year. Reach out to us to find out how we can help your business have a successful new year.

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