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Recruitment Marketing for Changing Times

Are you struggling to find qualified candidates? Tired of scrolling through endless resumes that do not match the skill set you need? Exhausted by interviewing people who don’t match your company culture? Point Taken can help.

Point Taken utilizes a specific technique called Recruitment Marketing, to support your Human Resources needs. This technique specifically helps you create an employment brand; representing your company and your needs for future hires. Our services help you showcase this brand on your website and throughout your recruitment process.

This process is also extremely relevant in today’s candidate marketplace. The Great Resignation has driven potential employees to evaluate what they are looking for in a future employer; creating your opportunity to hire great candidates, for less. 

Traditionally, external hiring averages $4000-$8,000 per candidate including the development of job postings, time for interviews, down time and loss of productivity.  If you include external recruiter fees, this cost can easily skyrocket to $25,000. Hiring the right person is essential!

After thoroughly understanding your company culture and talent acquisition needs, Point Taken develops tactics to promote your company or nonprofit to applicants who have the skills, values and drive to meet your organization’s unique recruitment needs.

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