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Media Training

A journalist, podcaster or YouTube influencer calls and wants your leadership to talk about your organization on their next live broadcast — which just happens to be tonight — but your CEO or executive director has not had media training. You know one interview can make or break your sales or donations, and you want your company or nonprofit showcased in the best possible light. Point Taken can help with our media training led by former journalists.

Whether your leadership is experienced on camera or has never stood in front of a microphone, Point Taken has a media training program to help you. We offer a variety of tips and tricks to make sure your interview runs smoothly. Drawing on years of work in newsrooms and PR firms, the Point Taken team will guide your leadership through a thorough understanding of today’s media landscape. Depending on your needs, we can run practice interviews (with or without our experienced videographers), preparing you to answer questions journalists are likely to ask. We’ll also prepare you for those questions you don’t want asked — and don’t want to answer — to ensure you are ready for whatever might come your way.

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