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Media Relations

While media relations may not seem complicated, one mistake could cost you a lifetime of lost opportunities. Emailing the wrong journalist at the wrong time with a bad pitching could forever ruin your chances of securing a story with that journalist — or even with that outlet. Appearing on a program your target market is not watching might make for a great link on the press page of your website or your social media feeds, but it is not going to drive sales or donations.  Calling a journalist who works at a logistics publication to share the news of the launch of your new line of vodka is not going to garner coverage. You need strategic media relations to approach journalists with the right message at the right time with the right goal mind.

Public relations encompasses a wide range of areas, but media relations is specific to creating meaningful dialogue with journalists, editors and producers. Specialists in this field have a variety of contacts in the industry and know how to easily make new contacts. Media relations teams also understand how to craft newsworthy pitches that attract attention and lead to coverage.

Not only does strategic media coverage lead to sales and donations, it offers a  third-party evaluation of your products or services, giving your brand increased credibility. You can also utilize this earned media on your website, social media channels or on printed sales or donor materials.

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