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Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Clients

It is almost the end of December, and you forgot to purchase a gift for your clients or donors. A holiday gift is not only a nice gesture of your gratitude, it reminds clients and donors to turn to you when they need your products or services without a hard sell. Even if you haven’t yet picked out a present for your customers, it isn’t too late. Here are some last-minute holiday gifts for clients.

  • Make a donation to charity: Make a donation to your client’s favorite charity or one that matches your business mission and donate in your client’s name. Nonprofits can utilize the same technique by paying for a particular service in a donor’s name. For example, if you run an animal shelter, pay for medical care for a sick pet in the name of one of your donors. Make sure to send an email telling your client or donor what you did to show your gratitude for their continued support.
  • Subscribe to a magazine, newspaper or trade publication: Give your customers a gift that gives back. Buy them a subscription to a magazine, newspaper or trade publication that will help them grow their business. Entrepreneur and Inc. are great options.
  • Send an electronic gift card: Give your client or donor a electronic gift card for their favorite restaurant and tell them you’d like to take them to lunch in the new year to celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments.
  • Give a New Year’s gift: Instead of a holiday gift, send a present with a note wishing your client or donor a happy and prosperous new year. In addition to making up for forgetting that present, you are setting yourself apart by doing something different.

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