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Is Color Back in Design?

Watch any period piece movie and, if done properly, you can enjoy a ride back in time. Movie set engineers use colors, layout and design to identify the decade. The same is true for web and graphic designers. But is color back in design?

Two things we can be sure of, concepts evolve and history repeats itself. Bold palette lovers rejoice! Color is making a comeback. From funky disco purples to rich grunge chestnut, there’s a pigment to set the mood of any website, poster, brochure or business card. When put in the right marketing hands, an electronic storefront can get a refresh that conveys the right messaging or a poster promoting your next event can pop with color to pull in more eyes.

A reboot doesn’t have to be time and money consuming. Classic black and white is easily replaced with a high-contrast photo. Depending on brand messaging, go big. Like 80s hair-band big with a simple design using retro colors and patterns. At Point Taken, we replaced the all white background of our website with touches of blue. Our buttons now hover in a shade of magenta. These simple changes took very little time to produce but made a big difference in design.

Conservative tastes can ease into the latest trends. A minimal pop of color fulfills a dual role. It adds a trendy upgrade while moving the consumer’s eyes through a website or collateral materials. Muted tones can also give rich texture to set the desired emotion of your industry.

Whether you’re looking to build a website or breathe new life into an old brochure, Point Taken can help. Call or email us today.

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