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How to Start a Podcast

Podcasting is extremely popular these days. Not only is it fun for the person/people doing it, but it can also be beneficial to a company or nonprofit organization. According to Learning Times, podcasts provide many benefits to businesses including serving as an effective and convenient way to deliver relevant information to your current and potential customers. Podcasts can turn broad information into a more personal and intimate way of providing information. They’re also easy and convenient to listen to. Usually when one subscribes to a podcast, the future episodes can be automatically downloaded to the device that person uses to listen. The list of benefits goes on, so what are you waiting for? Let’s learn how to start a podcast.

A podcast isn’t difficult to start, but there are some important steps you must take beforehand to ensure the launch is organized and seamless. According to Podcast Insights, there’s a lot to consider before creating your podcast including the title, topic, format and more.

1. Choose a topic, but don’t limit yourself with the name. Point Taken can help you figure out the best topic for your podcast and a title that will grab people’s attention.

2. Figure out your schedule. What day and time do you plan to air the podcast and how frequently do you plan to produce? People like consistency, so stick to your schedule. Some organizations may host a podcast every week while others may start on a bi-weekly or monthly basis until they’ve gotten the hang of things.

Within the schedule you can also include any co-host or guest hosts you may have join your podcast. Having a co-host can make it much easier to engage with your audience and helps keep a steady flow of conversation. It’s not an absolute must to have a co-host, but is an important factor to consider. Point Taken can help you figure out what format will work best for you and your company or nonprofit.

Once you figure out the title, format, length, etc. for your podcast, it’s time to learn about recording and editing. There are many at home apps that are popular for working with podcasts but if you’ve never worked with editing software before, even beginner apps and software may present challenges. Point Taken has a team with knowledge and background in audio and video production (shooting, editing and recording) and can help you figure out the best steps moving forward.

Starting a podcast is hard work and may take a lot of time to get started depending on how much time you are able to commit to it at first. Whether you want to start a podcast in the coming weeks or want to launch one in the coming months, the Point Taken team is ready to work with you to help your company or nonprofit to reap the many benefits of podcasting.

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