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How to Sell with Facebook
and Instagram Stories

Instagram and Facebook have hit an engagement home run with their stories posts. It’s an option that feeds into all social media habits. People fear missing out on the latest trend, sale or chance to be entertained. We’re always keeping up with the Joneses and trying to stay on top of what our greatest social influencers are up to.

Add on the 24-hour timer that content is available, and you’ve created a message with a sense of urgency. So, what are the best practices to utilize this method?

  1. Post once per day: You want people to look forward to your post, not feel like you’re that annoying person who ends every conversation with “Oh, and one more thing …”
  2. Less is more: The fewer slides, the better. At max, only use five to seven slides in each story.
  3. Vary the style of each slide to keep the story moving: Type text info, photos, photos with text, video, boomerang video, reverse video and live video. Add stickers or animated gifs for extra excitement.
  4. Create posts that put off a positive vibe: Try a must-have trend or a thought-provoking quote of the day.
  5. Check out Canva: This free program allows you to create branding slides or call-to-action slides for your story. Try it at canva.com.
  6. Pique curiosity: Leave your audience wanting to know, “What are you up to today?” Use behind-the-scenes video, teasers about upcoming merchandise, links to sales or more information. The content is as broad as your imagination.
  7. Don’t forget the call-to-action: As with all your marketing efforts, make sure to tell your followers what to do next. The swipe-up feature for verified accounts or business accounts with more than 10,000 followers can link to their products or services. Don’t have 10,000 followers? Don’t worry. Remind followers that a clickable link is in your Instagram profile.

Think of Instagram and Facebook stories as commercials the buyer wants to see. The beauty of this type of marketing is it constantly revolving. If it doesn’t work, it’s gone and replaced in 24 hours. If it does work, there’s no reason you can’t use something similar again.

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