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How to Incorporate
SEO into Your Website

People visiting your website is something most business owners likely strive for, so Point Taken is sharing how to incorporate SEO into your website. Traffic on any website is likely going to come and go. Depending on the business, it can be because of the season or the traffic flow can sometimes be totally unpredictable. A crucial way for business owners to have a constant flow of people to their website is by using search engine optimization (SEO).

According to Search Engine Land, search engine optimization is improving your website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business. The more searches your website shows in, the more likely you will see an increase in traffic to your website. SEO is a strategy that can be used during specific times where your website needs a boost but works even better if you are strategic about SEO year-round.

Point Taken has a team experienced in SEO, not only with our own website, but with the clients we’ve worked with over the years. Incorporating SEO will look different for different types of businesses or nonprofit organizations, and Point Taken can help you create an individualized plan for your website to help bring as many people to it as possible.

In the meantime, below are some quick tips from from Practical E-commerce and the Point Taken team to help get you started.


  • Learn about your competition: It doesn’t have to be just companies who sell the same exact product as you, but also big retail companies who may compete for the same words. See when they come up, how often and maybe adjust your search words accordingly.
  • Investigate keywords and keyword density: It’s easier to rank for some keywords than others. Using a site like Semrush or Moz, you can easily evaluate the words you plan to use on your website to determine if you are likely to rank for them or not. You may need to alter your terms to make your post and site more likely to show up in search.
  • Create high-quality links into your website: It is important to have other sites link for their site to yours to rank well on search engines. But you can’t just expect a link from any old site to help you rank higher online. Links that will help your site rank better in search engines must be from high-quality sites, not spammy or link-farm type sites.
  • Produce regular content: People are more likely to visit a website that is updated daily as opposed to a website only updated monthly. With the internet at our fingertips, people want the newest and latest each morning when they wake up.  Remember content doesn’t have to be only new text, it can also be a new photo posted to social media and linked to your website or videos.
  • Build your social media presence: Not only is it another way to expose your brand, but it’s also a great way to link to your website. Social media gives you a more casual way of connecting with your audience which in turn can make them more likely to engage when you share a link to your website.

Most importantly ask questions and seek advice. That’s where Point Taken comes in. Whether you want a quick chat to help get you started or you want to work together long-term, we have extensive experience with SEO and would love to help you bring more traffic to your website.

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