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How Hotels Can Improve Marketing
for Revenue Generation

Award-Winning Marketing and PR Tactics to Promote Hotels Resorts Spas

In a world of artificial intelligence, influencer marketing and 24-hour news cycles, marketing and public relations are more and more difficult to navigate. As a hotel general manager, director of sales and marketing or sales manager, you are tasked with growing revenue in an ever-changing landscape, so Point Taken, a marketing and PR firm specializing in hospitality, explains how hotels can improve marketing to increase sales of rooms and meeting space.

As hotels and resorts offer more specialized amenities (think suites with Peloton bikes for private rides) and services, making your hotel or resort stand out in a crowded space is becoming more and more difficult. From developing unique packages to creating partnerships, your hotel or resort must boast a modern feel, serve outstanding food (both in restaurants and for conferences) and have enticing amenities that keep both leisure and business travelers engaged and excited. At Point Taken, after years of working with luxury hotels and resorts, we have developed a variety of marketing and PR tactics to ensure our hotel clients have all the resources they need to increase revenue, such as:

Ready to take your hotel marketing to the next level? Our experienced, award-winning marketing and public relations firm specializing in hospitality can help you create unique strategies to promote your hotel or resort.

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