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How to Get Media Coverage in
an Ever-Changing News Climate

To a PR professional, it feels like the reports come in daily. Another newsroom making cuts. The frustration is real. Especially when you’ve worked so hard to create personal relationships. So, how do you get media coverage in an ever-changing news climate?

In this time of change, understanding how to think like a reporter is vital to delivering the buzz you need about your product, service or nonprofit organization.

First and foremost, identify the goal. Is it alerting the community to take action, like attend an event or a fundraiser? Are you hoping to get a reporter to cover your story live, create a package to run in the 5 o’clock news or secure a print story with photos in tomorrow’s local paper?

Next, be willing to offer as much information as possible. Fewer reporters means less availability for leg work. Put together a story pitch that leaves no need for a follow-up phone call. Going the extra mile will increase the likeliness of getting at least a little bit of ink.

Finally, never underestimate the power of the internet. A story on a news station’s website parlays into credibility on your social media account. Use hashtags to draw in views and share your news coverage with the world.

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