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How to Create
High-Converting Email Newsletters

While you may feel bombarded by email newsletters, they are still popular and can generate sales and donations. From nonprofit organizations to small, medium, and large-sized businesses, email newsletters are a great way to gain new customers and engage current or previous clients. Email newsletters draw people’s attention to information about your organization, sales or other promotions. But how to you create an e-mail newsletter that people will open (and even click)? Many people ask, “How to create high-converting email newsletters?”

There are a few simple things you can do right now to help your email turn subscribers into buyers or donors:

  1. Campaign Monitor points out something very important that could easily get overlooked – make sure the sender of the email shows up in the receiver’s inbox as a name they will recognize. Sometimes the name of your executive director, CEO or owner will appear as the sender of an email, but a customer or donor may not know that person’s name. Make sure your email newsletter comes from a recognizable name, even if that is the name of your organization.
  2.  Campaign monitor also tells us that it is important to make sure the subject line is concise and to the point. Make it simple enough that the receiver wants to immediately open the email. Subject lines are so important as they really are what determines whether the reader will want to read more. The subject should include information on what’s inside the email but also be broad enough to resonate with a wide range of returning and potential customers.
  3. HubSpot says “your copy is part of your design.” Your design, copy and tone all need to be on the same page and each newsletter needs to be different, even with different topics. This is part of the reason brand and voice standards are so important. Whether playful and fun, or strictly business information, don’t throw curveballs. The colors and pictures you use in your newsletter can attract or deter a recipient. What works best for one company or nonprofit organization’s newsletter is going to be very different from other businesses or organizations.
  4. Our final tip for creating or maintaining a successful newsletter is to always include a call to action, which Attention Insight says makes it easier for your recipients to take the next step. A call to action can be something as simple as link or button to click within the newsletter encouraging people to visit your website or to buy one of your products, donate to your organization or consider a free trial of your service. Attention Insight reminds us that having a proper gauge of your inventory is key when including call to actions in your newsletters. If you’re promoting a certain product, make sure you have enough in stock to keep up with potential demand based on how many customers are receiving the newsletter.

We could go on and on about how to create and sustain a successful newsletter for your customers or donors as there are a wide variety of techniques to help create a high-converting email newsletter. If you need help getting started, or want to improve what you already have, our team is full of professionals with experience gaining and keeping customers and donors through email newsletters. Reach out and we’ll help you get those creative juices flowing! 

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