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How To Celebrate
Diversity in Marketing and PR

As more and more people across the globe move from one country to another and businesses and nonprofits expand operations into other nations, understanding how to celebrate diversity in marketing and public relations efforts is crucial. As a business or nonprofit, you want to embrace the cultures and traditions of all of your customers. In order to celebrate diversity in marketing and public relations, it’s vital to ensure all of your clients and potential clients are represented in your collateral materials.

Showing our support for diversity can impact the value of our companies and nonprofits in many different ways. Ensuring your marketing and PR campaigns are inclusive is one of the main ways you can celebrate diversity in your organization’s marketing and PR. Whether it is a print ad in a magazine or newspaper or a brochure or e-book, make sure to have a diverse mix of people across your marketing. The more diversity you include in your advertising, the more people your ads will attract, opening up the opportunity to engage more people, make more sales and secure more donations.

WordStream says the majority of people in the United States feel underrepresented, yet another reason to celebrate diversity and include more diversity in marketing and PR. WordStream says a great way to start celebrating diversity is to make sure you have diversity within your own organization. WordStream reminds us that a diverse team attracts a diverse following. A diverse following can give a company or nonprofit broader insight into ways to strengthen the organization’s goals and initiatives. Remember diversity doesn’t just involve race or gender, as having people of various ages, backgrounds and abilities is just as important when it comes to celebrating diversity in marketing and PR.

Social media is one of the top ways people get information today, so it’s crucial to promote diversity on all social media platforms. Sprout Social says it’s important for that representation to be highlighted year-round, not just a few times a year or during certain time periods. Diversity needs to be at the top of your list when creating your  marketing and communications plan for the entire year. This could be as simple as adding more diversity in the photos you post on your social media pages or creating unique hashtags or taglines about inclusion that will catch someone’s eye. Another good reminder from Sprout Social is to make sure your content is accessible for all, with closed captioning, multiple language options, and a variety of size and color options. (Pro tip: If your website is not accessible, add accessibility options now. Not only will it widen your audience, Forbes shares it can also help your organization’s reputation and image.) 

At Point Taken, we love learning about people’s unique backgrounds and enjoy  celebrating with other organizations as they promote diversity. If you need help increasing the diversity in your marketing and PR, contact us today.

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