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Best WordPress Themes

Not all WordPress themes are created equal. Some are built to load faster, some are created to look great on your mobile phone or tablet and others are built for search engine optimization (SEO) so people can quickly and easily find you on the internet. Designed for blogging, WordPress has quickly become the content management systems (CMS) of choice for many small business owners and nonprofit executives.

After downloading WordPress through your hosting provider, you’ll need to select a theme. While it might be tempting to utilize a free theme, these unpaid options are often harder to customize and manage. For under $100 USD, small business owners and nonprofit executives can create professional websites using one of the thousands of themes available for WordPress.

As WordPress designers, we’ve selected a few of our favorite themes to share with you. We’ve selected these themes because they are pleasing to the eye, offer good SEO capabilities and are easily to manipulate for design purposes.

Here are Point Taken’s Best WordPress Themes of 2014:

1. Metro Pro Theme by StudioPress: Optimized for search engines with the Genesis Framework, the Metro Pro Theme is highly customizable and offers a variety of color schemes to match your brand. The Metro Pro theme is perfect for professional service providers including lawyers, accountants or consultants.

2. Handmade Two by Obox: Designed for eCommerce, Handmade Two has a sleek and elegant look. This theme offers small business owners and nonprofit executives the ability to sell products online, so it is perfect for boutiques, clothing or jewelry designers, bakers or nonprofit thrift stores.

3. Press Two by Obox: Also by Obox, Press Two is the perfect website to showcase a portfolio. With plenty of space for photos and videos, this theme is great for photographers, artists or designers. The only drawback we’ve found to Press Two is that it isn’t mobile responsive, but you can use a simple WordPress plugin called WPTouch to quickly and easily develop a version of your website that will look fabulous on a cell phone or tablet.

4. Salient by ThemeNectar: This mobile-responsive theme offers a drag and drop page builder, unlimited colors and layouts and is optimized for SEO. With a trendy design, this theme is ideal for businesses that need to appear modern like restaurants, modern furniture designers, apartment complexes or anyone appealing to a younger demographic.

5. Going Green Pro by StudioPress: Perfect for anyone in a “green” industry, this mobile responsive theme also runs on the Genesis Framework for optimal SEO. This theme offers four color styles, a custom background and landing pages. Landscapers, cleaning companies and recyclers rejoice: this is the WordPress theme for you.

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