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Don't Burn Bridges:
You Never Know Where
You Might Find a New Client

Your customer is driving you crazy. The client has you so mad you’ve screamed at your employees and are about to grab a drink even though it isn’t even 5 p.m. You’re about to blow your top, and you are ready to fire the client. Remember to keep the fire danger low — or at least moderate — or you could risk losing good clients down the line. Don’t burn your bridges because you never know where you might find a new client.

In business, your reputation is everything. While you want to blast your frustrating, demanding and overbearing customer on social media while telling everyone you know what an awful client he or she is, this method of retaliation could burn your business. Stay focused and calm and keep in mind that your reputation as a small business owner or nonprofit executive is dependent on your image as a whole.

When a customer drives you over the edge, take a few deep breaths. Remember risking your reputation isn’t worth the quick high you get from telling someone off. Handle the situation as professionally as possible. If you need to fire the client, explain that you don’t think your relationship is working any longer and the client might find a better match with another company. Don’t take or give blame: keep the parting neutral so your reputation remains intact.

While the nightmare client may not have been a good fit, you never know who that client knows or who they might meet in their business dealings. Keep disagreements, arguments and dismissals cordial so your business or nonprofit’s image remains unblemished. You never know where you might find a new client: your next business prospect might just be the best friend of the customer who tormented you.

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