Coronavirus Public Relations:
Facts Not Fear

During a pandemic, it’s difficult to keep track of what directly affects your community, organization and family when news is 24/7 covering the disease globally. Here a few coronavirus public relations tips to help you business or nonprofit navigate unforeseen circumstances, as we are currently facing worldwide.


  1. Identify how your organization will communicate with internal (employees, volunteers, event vendors, etc.) and external (customers, consumers, event attendees, etc.) groups.
  2. Let all groups know immediately how (email, Facebook, phone tree) and how often (at least once a day, more often as necessary, etc.) you will be communicating.
  3. Assign someone to stay on top of the news that may affect your organization. Clear, honest communication about the latest updates can ease a lot of fear during stressful times.
  4. With frequent updates, include the latest news and facts. It is important to put them into perspective. Follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)the World Health Organization (WHO) and your local leaders for information.
  5. Postpone events whenever possible, and if the event must go on, put together a concise list of how your organization is implementing safety precautions. (Using disposable plates, cups and flatware, ensure anyone handling food or drink will be wearing plastic gloves and masks if possible, encourage guests to bring their own pen for silent auctions, provide hand sanitizer in multiple places, ask anyone who is ill to please not attend for the safety of others.)
  6. Alert news media when you postpone or cancel regular hours or events. Media outlets typically keep a list for their audience to refer to on their websites and update as info comes in. Remember to also update any social media or other community calendars your organization participates in.
  7. Continue, as a courtesy in your correspondences, to remind internal and external groups of the safety minimums in their daily routines:
    1. Wash hands frequently
    2. Practice social distancing
    3. Avoid touching your face
    4. Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing
    5. Stay home if you are ill.

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