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Best WordPress Themes of 2018

At Point Taken, we believe websites should have a clean design, easy-to-use interface and strong search engine optimization. Unfortunately, some WordPress themes aren’t built with these same principles in mind, so we’ve created a list of the best WordPress themes of 2018 to help businesses and nonprofit organizations select the right theme to engage prospects and leads and convert them into customers.

  1. Authority Pro by StudioPress: We are big fans of StudioPress themes because they are built for search engine optimization. With Authority Pro’s clean background, open spacing and content blocks, this theme is great for both businesses and nonprofits who want to clearly convey their messages and drive dollars and donations.
  2. Modules by Artisan Themes: This clean theme allows businesses and nonprofits to offer a large variety of content, including text, photos and videos to showcase products, services and missions. With a variety of design options, Modules is easy to customize to suit any business or nonprofit need.
  3. Divi by Elegant Themes: Divi is another theme that offers a variety of design options and customizable features. Use Divi to create a unique site that sets your business or nonprofit apart from other organizations.
  4. Parallax Pro by StudioPress: Parallax Pro is another of our favorite themes because of its simple design and ease of use for consumers. Highly customizable, Parallax Pro allows you to add video or a variety of pictures of your products and services to showcase your brand.
  5. Custom themes: Custom WordPress themes are more expensive, but much more customizable. Using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro or other editing software to customize the theme’s appearance, custom WordPress themes can create a unique site that is unlike any other. Custom themes also allow your business or nonprofit to employ a variety of features that you may not find in out-of-the-box themes.

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