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Give Thanks for Public Relations and
Marketing: The Benefits of
Public Relations and Marketing

Point Taken Examines the Reasons We Should Be Thankful for Marketing and Public Relations and Overviews the Benefits of Public Relations and Marketing

As Thanksgiving approaches, Americans take time to reflect on the many positive aspects of their lives. As small business executives and nonprofit professionals, Thanksgiving can be a very stressful time. Tasked with meeting year-end financial goals or soliciting donations before the end of the calendar year, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a difficult time for many. At Point Taken, we are gearing up for the holiday season by giving thanks to public relations and marketing and recognizing the benefits of public relations and marketing.

Why Should We Be Thankful for Marketing?

  • Marketing helps us learn about our products, placement, pricing and customers.
  • Marketing tells people about our products and services.
  • Marketing brings in new prospects, leads and customers.
  • Marketing keeps us connected to our clients.
  • Marketing ensures our current customers are satisfied.
  • Marketing reminds people to select our business or nonprofit over other companies or nonprofits.
  • Marketing qualifies leads so we know which are most likely to turn into sales.
  • Marketing gives us a great return on our investment, bringing in new customers and increasing revenue.

Why Should We Be Thankful for Public Relations?

  • Public relations secures editorial coverage, bringing an additional level of credibility to our small business or nonprofit.
  • Public relations keeps our brand mentioned in the media.
  • Public relations ensures we are top-of-mind when journalists need sources for stories.
  • Public relations keeps us publishing across all social networks.
  • Public relations strengthens our company or nonprofit’s image.
  • Public relations showcases our commitment to our community and our customers or donors.
  • Public relations helps our employees become ambassadors of our brands.
  • Public relations offers an economical way to reach our target markets.
  • Public relations teaches us how to overcome a crisis.

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