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7 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts Ideas
for Clients and Donors

The year is quickly coming to a close. Were you so wrapped up in work you forgot to order gifts for your clients or donors? Point Taken understands how busy small business owners and nonprofit executives are all year long, so we created this list of seven last-minute holiday gifts for clients to help you find the perfect present to make your customers happy.

  1. Grab a Gift Certificate: It’s never too late to purchase a gift certificate. Give your clients or donors a gift certificate to your own company or a business related to your organization. For example, if you own a dog grooming salon, give your biggest clients $10 off a bath. You can send the gift certificate via email, but remember to keep a list of the recipients so you can keep track of redemptions. If you have a smaller group of clients, try giving them a gift certificate to a favorite lunch spot. Drop it off in person for some face time with your customer.
  2. Light Them Up with Lollipops: Purchase lollipops, tulle and pretty, holiday-style ribbons. Cover each pop in tulle and tie the ribbons around the sticks. You can even use a hole punch on your business cards and tie one to each pop. Place floral foam in a bowl and make a bouquet out of the pops. As your customers or donors visit, invite them to take a lollipop. If you have a smaller number of customers or donors, give them each a lollipop bouquet for the holidays. While it may sound time consuming, you can make each bouquet in about an hour and this unique gift is sure to spread holiday cheer.
  3. Mail a Magazine: If you have a smaller group of core clients or donors, purchase a gift certificate for each of them to a locally based magazine. In most areas, you can easily order the magazine online and have them sent to your clients. Local magazines are a great way for your customers to keep tabs on the competition while learning what’s new and noteworthy in your neighborhood.
  4. Lay Down Roots with a Local Gift: With coffee shops, craft breweries and specialized bakeries popping up around the country, the holidays are the perfect time to give something local. If you have a large client or donor base, arrange a morning of free coffee or night of free beers for your clients or donors. This gives you the opportunity to network with your customers or donors while offering them something special. If you have a smaller group of clients or donors, give them a bag of coffee from a local shop or cupcakes from a bakery near your office — or theirs.
  5. Make a Donation: Giving back is a great way for small businesses to honor their clients during the holidays. Give one dollar to a charity that matches your mission for each of your customers or make a larger donation per client if you have small group of customers. Nonprofit organizations can also utilize the gift idea by purchasing an item you need in the name of your customers or donors. For example, install a waiting bench with a plaque inscribed, “In honor of our 2017 donors” or “In thanks to the clients and donors who made our 2017 successful.” Remember to make sure the donation matches your brand and has a mission similar to your own.

Need some other last-minute holiday gift ideas? Contact Point Taken today for help developing unique and creative ideas for presents for your customers.

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