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Five Things You Need to Know
About Social Media

Social media is constantly changing. It is nearly impossible for business and nonprofit executives to keep up. Point Taken, a Jacksonville-based public relations, marketing and web design firm, outlines five things you need to know about social media today.

  1. Advertise in Facebook Messenger: That’s right, Facebook now allows advertisers to pay for placement inside of Facebook Messenger. Create an advertisement that pops up when people open the Facebook messenger app on their mobile devices, run an ad that sends people to messenger when they click or reengage with people who have previously messaged your page. How does Facebook Messenger advertising help a business owner or nonprofit executive? You can use it to contact highly targeted prospects who more likely to purchase your products or donate to your organization.
  2. Pay to Play: If you want people to see your Facebook content, you need to pay for advertising. Facebook has cut back the organic reach of business and nonprofit posts, so the best way to ensure people will see your posts is via advertising.
  3. Facebook Fans aren’t as Important as Engagement: The more likes, the more reach your Facebook page traditionally received. Not anymore. Now, likes don’t matter nearly as much as reach. Because Facebook page posts are not as likely to show up in a person’s newsfeed, people who like your page are much less likely to see posts unless you pay to advertise.
  4. Install Instagram: If you don’t have an Instagram account for your business, now is the time to engage in this visual social media platform. Share photos of your products or services and utilize Instagram’s business tools to measure reach (you’ll need to ensure you have a business profile to use Instagram’s business tools). As more and more people join Instagram, you need to make sure your business is adept at this popular platform.
  5. Master Your Market: Before you can sell your products or solicit donations, you need to know your market and the social media platforms they are using. Selling to people in their early 20s? You need to be on Snapchat. Trying to attract an older demographic? Facebook is the way to go. Know your prospects and their behaviors to maximize your social media marketing budget.

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