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Five Marketing and
PR Trends for 2024

The new year comes new ideas, goals, and opportunities. 2024 is sure to be a year of major change in marketing and public relations, and this year’s PR trends are sure to demonstrate the differences from past marketing and PR practices. As a marketing and PR firm serving clients worldwide, we are constantly reading and learning about what’s trending in the social, digital, PR and marketing verticals. Let’s break down the top five marketing and PR trends we are expecting in 2024.

1. What’s trending in social media in 2024?

Business Wire expects short-format video content, the dominance of influencers, in-network advertising and shopping to stick around in 2024. As for some new social media trends, Business Wire says many social media networks like Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) will be looking to evolve.

2. Are people concerned about the unpredictablity of X (formerly Twitter)?

At Point Taken, we are concerned about the constant change at X, and many of our clients are questioning if they want to stay on the platform. With the upcoming (and likely contenious) election season upon us, we are very concerned about the lack of oversight on many social platforms, and we will be watching this carefully to ensure our clients are not sharing their messages alongside fake or off-brand information.

3. How will artificial intelligence (AI) affect marketing and PR in 2024?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is expeced to be one of the ways social media networks expand their services and clientele in 2024. New AI technology should allow social media companies to better understand their users’ interests and give them a better overall experience.

4. What is data driven PR?

Creativity and experience are incredibly important, but concrete numbers must back your marketing and PR strategies to give customers, potential clients and donors  confidence in your brand. Prowly says those concrete numbers, can give your company or nonprofit organization a bigger budget to work with because stakeholders and customers have solid evidence with which to make marketing and PR decisions.

5. Will technology take over in 2024 or is the human touch still important?

While technology is going ot be vitally important in 2024, a more humanized approach will also be key. PR Lab says we will see more one-to-one human interactions in the new year. PR Lab says connecting that humanized approach with data driven ideas can help bring your entire strategy together to gain more success through marketing and public relations.

6. Which social networks are the most influential in 2024?

PR Lab expects Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok to continue as the shining stars 2024. Use these social media platforms to showcase thought leadership content and connect with media, customers or donors to help develop lasting relationships.

7. Is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) still important in 2024?

At Point Taken, we believe DEI is always important, and we strive to have a diverse team who can share thier insights and experience to develop stronger marketing and PR plans for our clients. 

LinkedIn says showing your organization’s commitment to DEI is key to keeping customer support. Story telling and content that is socially conscious played a big role in the PR and marketing worlds in 2023, but in 2024 it’s time to take it up a notch. Continue to follow-up on past DEI promises made. From who a company or nonprofit hires, to who they are marketing to, DEI is vital to keep in the forefront of your 2024 plans.

In 2024, Point Taken will be carefully monitoring all of these marketing and PR trends to ensure our current and future clients stay ahead of the curve and grow strategically for a prosperous new year. Ready to take your marketing and PR to the next level?


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