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Retail Public Relations
& Marketing

Let’s face it. Retail isn’t easy, especially as more and more consumers are shifting to online shopping. That makes retail public relations and marketing even more difficult. Whether you are a chief marketing officer at a retail giant or running your own boutique or online store, keeping up with ever-changing marketing and PR trends is a challenge.

That’s where Point Taken comes in. We stay on top of retail public relations and marketing trends to ensure your brand is in front of the consumers who desire your product, can afford your product and understand how your product can make their lives better. 

Retail is all about the experience of helping someone create their identity. A fabulous chef wants to have the best cookware to make him or her feel like an expert. A fashionista has to always sport the newest, latest styles to show he or she is in the know about fashion. A sports enthusiast needs the best, newest equipment to stay on top of the game.

Retailers aren’t just selling a product. You are selling an experience. You are selling a lifestyle. You are selling a person their identity. From the feeling a person gets the minute they step into your store, visit your website or scroll across you on social media, they need to feel like your brand gets them. They need to feel as if you can help make them happier, make them look better, make them outshine others.

Retail public relations and marketing isn’t easy, that’s why you need a trusted partner to help you navigate the customer journey and turn casual shoppers into buyers.

Ready to Spark Change in Your Retail Business?

Point Taken Communications, a boutique Jacksonville public relations and marketing firm serving brands nationwide, creates engaging campaigns that ignite positive change and move audiences to action. We go above and beyond, ensuring each client gets the best return on its investment. Our team of senior professionals has decades of experience bringing bold, creative ideas to life to help companies and nonprofits grow and evolve. At Point Taken, our clients inspire us to fuel progress for your organization, your industry and our world.