Retail Public Relations
and Marketing

Managing a retail business is a difficult job. While you may have assistance on the sales floor, it is hard to find trustworthy employees, so you often find yourself serving as the human resources representative, salesperson and bookkeeper all in the same day. After purchasing items for your shop and selecting speciality packaging, pricing and displaying items or managing your staff and sales, you probably do not have time to oversee your retail public relations and marketing.
At the end of the day, you do the books or send P&L figures to headquarters, ensuring you’ve collected all applicable taxes and paid them on time. In the little bit of spare time you can find, you jump on Facebook and Instagram to post a picture of a new item in your shop and respond to email. Even though you are promoting your products, you can’t understand why people comment on an item but never come to see it in the store. You ask your clerks to collect email addresses to send blasts or texts about new products and sales, but you can never quite find the time to input the information to your CRM, let alone develop and distribute an actual e-blast or promotional text. You’ve created a beautiful website, but it isn’t driving traffic and you aren’t catching leads.

What’s a retail manager to do?

Point Taken Communications is here to help. We work with each of our retail clients to develop a marketing and public relations strategy tailored to your unique needs. Instead of constantly posting about new products or advertising sales, we practice content marketing, offering customers tips on trends or style advice. At Point Taken, we are your marketing and public relations stylist. Point Taken Communications provides retail public relations and marketing to stores across the country including:
  • Home Furnishings Companies
  • Clothing Boutiques
  • Children's Boutiques
  • Toy Stores
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Bakeries
  • Specialty Stores
  • Art Galleries
  • Shoe Stores
  • Gift Shops
  • Household Goods Shops
  • Pet Supply Stores*
  • Online Stores

What types of PR does Point Taken offer?

From grand openings to seasonal events and special promotions to targeted PR and marketing programs designed to help grow sales, Point Taken can create a retail public relations and marketing strategy targeted to your needs. After developing an analysis of your target market, Point Taken will develop PR and marketing strategies designed to meet your customers and potential customers in places they frequent…both in person and online.

Ready to Find Out How Point Taken
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*Please note that at Point Taken Communications, we do not promote puppy mills and will not work with shops that sell pets. We are happy to work with reputable breeders and adoption organizations.

Meet Some of the Clients We've Helped

Point Taken Communications is a public relations firm, specializing in media relations, social media influencer relations, press release writing, pitching and media training nationwide. As a public relations, marketing, video production and web design firm, we serve corporations, medium-sized businesses, small businesses, firms and nonprofit agencies across the country. We increase the return on your investment by managing your brand and messaging across all channels to ensure clarity and consistency. We are a full-service agency built to help businesses and nonprofit organizations promote their products, services and mission to drive more dollars and donations. At Point Taken, you only work with senior-level professionals with a wealth of industry contacts and marketing, PR, video production and web design knowledge who can maximize your budget, guide your marketing efforts and get the job done right the first time.

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