Recruitment Marketing

Are you struggling to find qualified candidates? Tired of scrolling through endless resumes that do not match the skill set you need? Exhausted by interviewing people who don’t match your company culture? Recruitment marketing can help.

At Point Taken, we take a strategic approach to recruitment marketing, ensuring your company or nonprofit has a presence on the internet to support your human resources needs. Like other forms of marketing, talent acquisition marketing should showcase your organization. However, recruitment marketing takes a different approach.

More and more companies are hiring externally according to Harvard Business Review.¬† Additionally, most hiring is caused by poor employee retention. With the cost of hiring a new employee ranging from $4,000 (when managed internally) to more than $20,000 plus recruiters’ fees, hiring is expensive, as reported by The Balance Careers.¬†That’s why it is essential to consistently market your organization for talent acquisition to find candidates who actually meet your organization’s needs.

After thoroughly understanding your company culture and talent acquisition needs, Point Taken develops tactics to promote your company or nonprofit to applicants who have the skills, values and drive to meet your organization’s unique recruitment needs.

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