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What is OTT Advertising?

Are you watching TV or movies via an app? Do you watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ or Peacock? (Side note, our president, Michelle Gilliam, was extremely excited to discover she can stream episode upon episode of Law and Order SVU on Peacock). If you are using any of these apps, you are watching OTT. OTT, which stands for over-the-top, simply means you are viewing shows or movies outside of a cable box or satellite provider. As a marketer, you are probably asking “What is OTT advertising?” Point Taken explains.

OTT advertising isn’t that different from traditional television advertising, but placing the ads is a different process. Just like in traditional advertising, you need a polished and professional video ad with a clear call-to-action. You need to create a compelling campaign and work with a team who can help you place your advertisements on the OTT provider your target audiences are watching. Trying to sell home goods or lifestyle products? You want to advertise on HGTV. Trying to promote your luxury hotel brand? You need an OTT outlet where people escape. Bravo might be for you.

There are a variety of platforms that help you place OTT advertising, but since OTT is still relatively new, pricing varies. While some solutions may be right for some companies or organizations, others might not bring the best return on investment (ROI).

At Point Taken, we believe every marketing effort should yield the best ROI. That’s why we create compelling advertisements, place them on the right OTT outlets and closely monitor ROI for each and every client.

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