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Virtual Event Production

The COVID-19 pandemic separated us but also united us via technology, and virtual events production is allowing companies and nonprofits to reach more people in more places. At Point Taken, we’ve analyzed a variety of virtual event platforms and can help you select the best platform for your event. Additionally, we can help you produce your entire event from start to finish, or just lend a hand on the elements you want to outsource.

Whether you are a company hosting a lead generation event or a nonprofit hosting an fundraising campaign, Point Taken can help you produce a virtual or hybrid event enabling people from across the country — or across the world — to attend your event. Imagine the opportunities you develop when you can take your event beyond the traditional in-person event (where only people in driving distance or with the time and budget to travel) can attend your event. Imagine the additional leads you will generate when you can involve hundreds — or thousands — of additional attendees. Imagine the additional donations you will receive when you take a local fundraiser and find ways to engage people around the world in your cause.

Point Taken offers a variety of virtual event production services including:

  • Event marketing
  • Event logo design
  • Event program design
  • Event website design
  • Public relations for events
  • Virtual event platform selection
  • Speaker selection
  • Talking points or speech development
  • Scheduling of events (run of-show development)
  • Creation of workshops
  • Sponsorship packet development and design
  • Event video production
  • Day-of event coordination
  • Database or fundraising software coordination for lead generation or donation reporting
  • Post-event reporting

Need help with hybrid or virtual event production? The experienced live and virtual event producers at Point Taken are here to help. Contact us today.

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