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Veterinary Public Relations
to Help Change Pet's Lives

As a veterinarian, your focus is on caring for the dogs, cats and other pets that come into your facility in need of loving care and attention. Your office manager probably handles all of the day-to-day tasks of billing, customer service and operations. When you have a little time, you try to post photos of the “Pet of the Day” to Facebook (with the owner’s permission of course) or send direct mail to pet lovers in your area in an attempt to secure more customers. For many veterinarians, marketing and public relations is a time-consuming burden, so Point Taken Communications suggests six ideas to simplify your veterinary public relations and marketing needs:

1. Create a customer relationship management (CRM) database: Make sure to have a complete list of all of your current, past and perspective clients in one place. Use a customer relationship management database such as ACT!, Batchbook, Zoho or Salesforce to keep all of your customer data together. Take down names, phone numbers, addresses, pets’ names and birthdays so you can easily access all your client data.

2. Set up an email marketing service with automated campaigns: Keep in touch with existing clients and nurture new ones by sending emails. Send weekly or bi-weekly e-blasts about your services and use automatic triggers to distribute birthday discounts or seasonal reminders. Point Taken Communications recommends MailChimp or Constant Contact for all your email marketing needs.

3. Remind your clients of upcoming immunization dates: Rabies shots due? Time for bordetella vaccines? Keep clients’ immunization dates in your CRM and review on a monthly basis. Send out reminders via regular mail, email or pick up the phone and call patients’ owners. Immunizations are not only vital to a pet’s health, they are great ways to keep in contact with customers.

4. Engage with the media: Journalists are always looking for reliable sources for stories. Become a thought leader by introducing yourself as a veterinary expert. Share your take about stories in the news or tell the media how you can help with timely subjects. Halloween coming? Remind journalists that chocolate is dangerous for pets.

5. Post pet tips to social media: Those same stories you share with the media make great social media updates. Post information daily to all of your social networks so patients see you as an expert in the field of veterinary medicine.

6. Ensure your website is full of pet-friendly information: Use content marketing to make your website the go-to source for all your clients’ pet needs. List pet-friendly apartment complexes, restaurants and important medical information about animals. Blog regularly about updates in the world of veterinary medicine and include tips your customers can use with their pets.

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