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What Type of SSL Certificate
Do You Need?

By now, you probably know you need an SSL Certificate on your website. An SSL Certificate (or a Secure Sockets Layer) establishes encryption between a server and a client. This encryption could be between a website and a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. SSL Certificates are designed to transmit credit card numbers, social security numbers, login credentials and other information securely. You can tell if a website has an SSL Certificate by looking at the website address. Addresses that start with https have an SSL Certificate. Addresses without the s at the end of http do not have SSL certificates.

Google prioritizes sites with SSL Certificates, so it is important to purchase an SSL Certificate for your website. If you are transmitting sensitive data (perhaps you sell products or collect donations online), you definitely need an SSL Certificate to ensure customer confidence.

Now that you know how an SSL Certificate works, you need to know which type of SSL Certificate you need. Not all SSL Certificates are created equal.

The three main types of SSL Certificates are:

Standard or Domain Validated SSL Certificates: A standard SSL Certificate secures the data on one domain. Standard SSL Certificates are cost effective, allowing you to add an SSL Certificate to your website for a minimal price. Standard SSL Certificates provide the lowest level of validation available and only validate that a domain is registered and someone in administration of the website approves a request for the SSL Certificate.

OV SSL Certificates: With higher standards, websites with Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates are validated through registration databases. Not only is the domain registered, data is checked such as the name of the organization applying for the SSL Certificate, their city, state and country. Companies or nonprofits doing business or collecting donations online should have an OV SSL Certificate or higher.

EV SSL Certificates: Extended Valuation, or EV SSL Certificates, are the strongest type of SSL Certificates you can purchase. If you install an EV SSL Certificate on your website, you will see a green padlock and the https portion of your website’s address will turn green. In order to earn a EV SSL Certificate, the website owner must pass a stringent identification process to prove they have rights to the domain and confirm the site is legal.

Other types of SSL Certificates include:

Multi-Domain UCC (SAN) SSL Certificates: These certificates cover a variety of main domains and subdomains.

Wildcard SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL Certificates provide encryption for multiple subdomains. For example, you can use a Wildcard SSL to encrypt data for your main domain and a slew of subdomains.

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