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Six People You Need to Impress

In today’s world, your business or nonprofit needs to keep in constant contact with today’s influencers. With other organizations regularly distributing quality content, you must stay relevant and provide valuable information to stakeholders (and potential stakeholders) in your business.

Years ago, distributing information to the media was the ideal way to get your information out to the masses. Today, people get their news in a wide variety of different ways, so your small business or nonprofit needs to consider all of today’s influencers when creating and publishing content.

Here are the six types of people your small business or nonprofit needs to impress today:

1. Journalists: TV, newspaper, radio, magazine and web journalists are still vital presenters of news and information. Give them quality information and they are likely to share it on both their traditional media outlets and social media.

2. Bloggers: Blogs are a great source of information about niche markets, and bloggers are a wonderful way to spread information about your business or product to your target market. Research bloggers writing about products or services like yours and send them valuable and informative content that affects their readers. Also check the blog’s ranking on Alexa to see who is viewing the site and how often they are visiting it.

3. People with Klout: Klout.com measures a person’s influence on social media and identifies the topics that they discuss the most on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and other networks. You can view someone’s Klout score by visiting Klout.com or by installing the Klout app for Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

4. Prospects: Prospects are people you believe are likely to purchase your products or services. By understanding their behaviors and demographics, you can create content designed to meet their needs and solve their problems. Because prospects may not be familiar with your company or nonprofit, it is important to introduce them to you by developing a relationship. Impress your prospects by creating quality content designed specifically for them.

5. Leads: A lead is someone who has expressed interest in your product or service and is open to learning more about your small business or nonprofit organization. Because they may already be familiar with your organization, you need to develop content that answers more complex questions about your products or services and explains how your product or service can help solve their problems.

6. Customers: As a business executive, small business owner or nonprofit manager, you are constantly chasing new prospects and leads. Sometimes your forget that it is still important to nurture relationships with your current customers to create additional business. Write and distribute content designed for your existing customers to keep them coming back.


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