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Social Media Management Services

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube: Social media management is challenging, but with the right social media management services, you can focus on results, not this week’s latest trends. As algorithm updates alter the way posts appear frequently, staying on top of your social media presence is a difficult task. But social media management doesn’t have to be hard with the right team and tools on  your side.

Just like people do not all use social media in the same way, not all businesses and nonprofits should employ every social media channel. If you are marketing to folks over 50, SnapChat and TikTok might not be right for you. Targeting users under 30, they probably are not on Facebook. 

At Point Taken, before deploying a social media campaign, we follow a three-prong process:


Step 1: Analyze

Before beginning any social media efforts, we take a deep dive into your social media analytics, looking at the performance on each network, the types of posts that perform best, the times your audience is online and the amount your fans and followers are engaging with your posts. 

Step 2: Plan

Next, utilizing the data we learned from our analysis, we create social media campaigns designed to drive engagements, sales and donations. We also ensure the campaign shows your organization is active on social media as many people will visit your pages before making a buying decision.

Step 3: Deploy

After we’ve analyzed the data and created a plan, we’ll review with you — the client — and deploy. We’ll watch for trends in your posts and continually monitor your accounts to see which content is driving the best ROI.

Then, The Social Media Management Process Starts Again

Your social media plan is a living document, and we will update on a regular basis to ensure your posts are working for your business or nonprofit. We will also continually meet with you, your stakeholders and your followers (if possible) to make sure our campaigns are reaching the right audiences at the right time.

Keep Them Coming Back For More

No matter your budget, the key to social media is keeping people engaged. That’s why we continually analyze, plan and deploy with every social media management project. So, it’s time to stop working about how many reels or stories you’ve posted, how many social media apps you’ve got ready to use or how many videos you’ve created with your work family. Start thinking about creating a community of engaged users who trust your brand and interact with you because they truly love your product or cause.

Ready to Spark Change in Your Social Media
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