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What is Small Business Public Relations?

Over the years, many small business owners have asked Point Taken Communications about the difference between marketing and public relations. While the two disciplines traditionally were very different, they have started to blend, and many public relations practitioners are now offering marketing services just as many marketers are now becoming writers. The common denominator between the two is that now both public relations pros and marketers must both create quality content and develop trust to drive business.

Small business public relations has always been, and still is, the act of managing messages between a small business and the public. However, in the age of the internet, there are a myriad of ways to present those messages to your audiences. In the past, those messages were relayed only via the media, speaking engagements or advertisements. In other words, small businesses had to secure editorial coverage in a newspaper, magazine, radio or television show, secure a speaking opportunity or place paid advertising in one of these mediums. Today, the whole game has changed, and your small business public relations must stay current for maximum return on your PR investment.

Today’s small business public relations should include a combination of media relations, content marketing, special events, public speaking and social media. Point Taken Communications recommends repurposing much of your content to use in e-blasts, e-books, podcasts and videos. You can reach a variety of new business prospects just by altering your content to meet potential customers’ personal preferences. For example, an avid reader may never download your podcast, but a runner might grab your audio content and listen on the go. Make your quality content available in multiple, easily accessible forms to meet the needs of a variety of prospects.

You might be asking how the act of creating quality content, practicing small business public relations or developing a small business marketing plan will drive dollars for your organization. The answer is simple. Today’s consumers purchase products or services from companies they trust. Gone are the days of the hard sell, pushing a client into buying something quickly or ignoring their questions just to push your product. Today’s consumers are savvy shoppers. Today’s consumers do research before buying. Today’s consumers ask for recommendations prior to purchasing. Create quality content, and you are establishing yourself and your company as a thought leader in your industry and encouraging people to purchase from you instead of your competitors.

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