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Small Business Marketing:
How to Find and Keep Customers

As a small business owner, you are constantly searching for new prospects, leads and customers. Whether you have a lower-priced product with a shorter sales cycle or a high-value service that takes months to move from lead to customer, you must constantly practice small business marketing to raise revenue. Continual, valuable contact with your potential clients is important to every small business, so Point Taken Communications is offering a few small business marketing ideas to make keeping in touch with potential clients easier than ever:

1. Develop a good website: Your website is your home on the Internet. Make it clear and easy to navigate with valuable information that answers potential customers’ questions. Make sure to get your own domain name (Point Taken Communications suggests using Bluehost or GoDaddy to register a name and host your website) and always send business emails from an account using your domain name.

2. Fill your website with compelling content: Encourage people to visit your website by providing quality and compelling content. Offer tips to make your potential customers’ lives easier (a dermatologist could offer five ways to protect your skin from the sun’s rays) or resources to answer a lead’s most dire questions (a chiropractor can create a fact sheet about back pain). Make sure your contact information is easy to find so potential clients can get in touch with additional questions about your products or services. (Note: never put your email address on your website without including spaces before and after the @ sign or you will become a target for spammers).

3. Enroll in an email marketing program: E-blasts are a great way to keep in contact with current and potential customers. Sign up for an email marketing service like MailChimp or Constant Contact to send updates to your list of prospects and clients. Remember it is just as important to keep in contact with your existing customers. It is harder to sell to a new client than to someone who already knows and trusts your brand.

4. Create call-to-action buttons: Add buttons to your website encouraging clients to interact with your small business and request more information. Use terms like “Sign up now” or “Join today” to entice people to give you their email addresses or request more information about your product or service. Remember to add these new contacts to your email marketing system so they receive your future communications.

5. Follow up on a regular basis: Send regular correspondence to your prospects, leads and customers telling them about new products or service offerings, specials and promotions or general advice to answer their questions or make their lives easier. Depending on your business model, send these emails as frequently as once a day or as far as one month apart. Many email service providers are even making it easier to follow up with leads by allowing you to create automated emails that are triggered by an action performed by the lead (for example, let’s pretend you own a vineyard and write a blog post about new apps for wine lovers. Below the content of your post, offer people the opportunity to sign up for your email list. You can create an automated email through a service like MailChimp that sends whenever someone new joins your email list offering them a discount on one of your varietals).

While this is just a basic list of marketing tips to help grow leads and drive customers to your small business, these ideas should help you attract and keep more prospects and convert them into leads and eventually into customers. Point Taken Communications specializes in business marketing and public relations. Need additional assistance with your business or nonprofit marketing or public relations needs? Contact Point Taken Communications today!

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