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Seven Questions to Ask
Before Hiring a Marketing Firm

Deciding which marketing agency to work with can be a lot like dating. That’s what a lot of marketing experts say and we at Point Taken agree, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list of seven questions to ask before hiring a marketing firm. Hiring a marketing firm is a big deal, and you want it to be long-term relationship. Here are seven questions you should ask a marketing agency before hiring them.

  • What is your expertise? Different firms have different fields of experience. What one marketing firm can help you with, could be very different from what another can offer your business. At Point Taken for instance, we do everything from marketing and public relations to video production and web design, but not all marketing firms offer these services.
  • Are they familiar with your industry? Many times, marketing firms will turn down certain business if they’re not familiar with the potential client’s industry. If a firm specializes in retail marketing,  but is approached by a doctor’s office, the firm may not feel comfortable representing a brand in a field so new to them. That’s why it’s important for you executives to research a firm’s expertise before hiring the agency.
  • What will the onboarding process be like?  The agency CEO might sit in on the pitch meeting, but you might never see him or her again after you sign the contract. Feels a bit like bait and switch?  It might, but many marketing firms use this practice.
  • Who do you contact with problems? It may seem like a no brainer but many times this important question isn’t asked and then when something goes wrong in a new relationship, the client isn’t sure who to call or email. Make sure you know who your point person is and confirm they will help lead you in the right direction if a problem arises once you start working together.
  • What is the firm’s culture? You want to hire a firm that has a positive working environment for not only your business, but their own team. One way to look into this outside of asking the firm what their work environment is like, is to check out their social media pages. You may get an idea of how a firms staff get along based on the activities they participate in together at work.
  • What type of communication can you expect and how often? This is something that can really make or break some partnerships. Good communication is key and for it to be good, it needs to be open with expectations understood by both parties. Some marketing firms may prefer to meet in person while others may prefer to do conference or Zoom calls. Your company may like to chat via email while a company might prefer you pick up the phone and call. Go over these guidelines with any marketing firm before sealing the deal.
  • Business Coach Joellyn Ferguson says to ask the marketing firm what it considers a successful partnership. Not only do you want your business to thrive, but you want to leave a good impression on the marketing company you work with, long after your partnership is done. Marketing firms have a lot of connections and you of course want them saying good things about your company and working with you even when your contract is up. 


At Point Taken, we like to hear all of these questions from  potential clients. This is just the start of what you should ask potential marketing firms you’re considering hiring for your business. We would love to potentially work with you at Point Taken and even if we aren’t the right fit for your business, we still are eager to meet you and send you in the right direction to help your brand grow.

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