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Resolve to Use Video in Marketing

Video is hot, and if you aren’t using video in your small business or nonprofit marketing, you are missing out. In the age of iPhones and GoPros, creating videos is simple and inexpensive. Point Taken, a marketing and public relations firm serving corporations, medium-sized businesses, small businesses and nonprofit organizations, offers tips to use video in your marketing efforts.

Try a Tripod

No one likes to watch video that gives them nausea. From tripods for wireless devices to tripods that stand as tall as you do, you are sure to find an option to steady your video that fits in your budget and meets your needs.

Beware of the Background

Take a look behind you before putting yourself on camera. That painting behind your head might give you devil’s horns or angel’s wings. Make sure you have a neutral background that doesn’t take away from the message of your video.

Tap into Talking Points

Create a list of three key message you plan to convey during your video. Memorize those talking points and stick to them. Make it simple for your viewers to understand what your video is about and remember to include your website so they can learn more about your small business or nonprofit.

Love the Live

Facebook Live is hot, so hit it while the social media platform is still prioritizing live videos in feeds. Remember your key messages and go live regularly to reach current and potential clients and donors. Nervous about going live? Practice makes perfect. Need more tips on using Facebook Live for your small business or nonprofit organization? Point Taken is here to help.

Put it in Pictures

Don’t want to be the face of your organization? Perhaps your CEO is busy? Grab some photos and put them into video format using iMovie, Animoto or Adobe Spark. Just remember to make sure you own the copyright to any pictures or music you use in your video and make sure those photos and sounds match your brand and the message of your video.

Hire a Host

You most likely won’t want to host your video on your own website because it will take up a significant amount space. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and embed or link from your website. Not sure which online video hosting platform to use? Learn more about your options here.

Need help creating a video for your small business or nonprofit organization? Need media training so you are comfortable in front of the camera? Contact Point Taken today and resolve to use video in marketing this year.

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