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Press Release Advice from Real Reporters

The press release is dead…or so they say. Point Taken Communications reached out to some real live journalists to find out if they still read press releases. The answer was astonishing. The press release IS NOT dead.

However, there are quite a few ways your press release can get tossed in the round filing bin. Here are a few tips to avoid, as told to Point Taken by practicing members of the media:

1. Avoid Poor Formatting: Make your release simple and easy to read.

2. Don’t Bury the Lead: Ensure the press knows what you are pitching from the very first line.

3. Tell TV Stations about Visuals: TV needs video, just as radio needs audio. Tell reporters up front what you can offer that meets their medium’s needs.

4. Don’t Make the Release Too Long: Just as you probably don’t read lengthy emails, neither do members of the media. With 4,000 other releases in their inboxes, they don’t have time to mull yours over for relevant info. Make it clear and concise.

5. Remember the Five Ws: Telling a journalist Who, What, Where, When, Why and How gives them almost all of the information they need.

While these tips won’t ensure coverage, they are sure to help make sure your release doesn’t get tossed into the trash. For help with your press release, contact Point Taken Communications.

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