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Nonprofit and Small Business
Holiday Planning Guide:
Why You Should Start Now

It might only be early September, but it is time to grab the wreaths, bows and holiday stockings. While it might seem awfully early to start planning for the holidays, as a small business owner or nonprofit executive, the time to start planning holiday parties or presents is now. Holiday communications, in the form of parties or gifts, are a great way to keep in front of customers and show your gratitude for their business. Here are four reasons why you should start your nonprofit and small business holiday planning now:

1. Keep costs lower by booking early: Due to the holiday season and the plethora of parties, venues often charge high rates for seasonal events. Book early to find a night with a lower reservation rate or seek out unusual venues like historical societies, historic buildings or cultural centers. Unlike hotels and restaurants, they are more likely to have lower costs. Keep in mind that hotels often have lower rates on events spaces on dates when they can’t book a larger event like a conference or their rooms are filled and they cannot house attendees of a larger event.

2. Get a better selection of venues: Popular venues with lower prices and higher capacities fill up quickly. Book them early to ensure availability. Can’t get a date at your preferred location? Try an unique venue like the ones mentioned in section one.

3. Get a better selection of dates: As we mentioned in the second bullet point, hot spots are booked quickly. Reserve early for a better selection of dates including weekend nights. If you can’t book your desired date, try a Monday or Tuesday evening. Not only are they less popular evenings for events, your guests are more likely to attend on a less popular night.

4. Ensure you invite guests early: No one likes a last-minute invitation or a short RSVP window. Give your guests plenty of time to respond to your holiday invitation by alerting them about your event early. This tactic also ensures they aren’t already booked with dozens of other holiday parties and are more likely to attend your event. Don’t forget to invite and include prospects. Parties and gifts are a great way to nurture leads.

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