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The New Age
Challenges of SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is a common topic of conversation in PR and marketing. In fact, we have written other blog posts on this exact topic. This time around we want to discuss the new age challenges of SEO.

We know that SEO “is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines,” according to Wikipedia. But we live in an ever-changing world, which means if your organization isn’t staying on top of the trends, especially when it comes to how to best reach your clientele, it can be easy to quickly fall downhill.

Let’s start with how applications are disrupting SEO and how this could impact your business or nonprofit, without you even knowing it. Web apps can be extremely beneficial for a company, allowing employees to work remotely and connect customers to important information. They typically are affordable and easy to update and customize. But due to web apps lacking many features that a high-quality control system may have, Hi Tech Wizz reminds us that both safety and security can be decreased, which can lead to issues with SEO. Because of this, it’s important for an organization to understand the benefits and risks that come with using applications and decide if it is the best route for their company. If it is, have a plan on how to properly monitor SEO and ensure the applications aren’t interfering with it.

Next let’s discuss social media and its impact on SEO. This has been widely debated for years and many still have differing opinions, but most believe that social media does in some way, shape or form, impact SEO. Ad Espresso says it may not always directly affect SEO, but that it can indirectly impact a company’s rankings. If a company’s website is shared to social media, that likely is going to drive traffic, so that’s an obvious impact social media has on SEO. Even something as simple as NAP information (name, address and phone number of your business) can impact SEO — even on social media. So sometimes something as simple as not having a physical address on a social media page could negatively impact a company or nonprofit’s SEO, without them even knowing it. To sum things up, social media may not always have a direct impact on your SEO rankings, it can still affect it.

To sum things up, HubSpot has a good point – when you’re looking for a new idea, whether it be a new software brand for your company or a new marketing strategy, most of us are likely to use Google at some point. This is a reminder of why SEO is so important. It is always changing and evolving, so it’s crucial to not only understand the basics of how SEO works, but why certain changes are made from time to time.

Point Taken oversees SEO not only for our own business, but for dozens of our clients. Our team members are very experienced in SEO, how it works and how it can not only help a business but hurt it if used in the wrong way. We know it can also be overwhelming so we would love for you to reach out to us. We can answer a couple of quick questions and have you on your way, or we can come up with an extensive monthly plan for you and your business or nonprofit organization.

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