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How Much Does Small Business
Website Design Cost?

Small Business Website Design Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

As a small business owner, you may think having a branded website is too expensive. You want the professional look of a self-hosted site, but you don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to create a site for your small business. At Point Taken, we offer WordPress small business website design services, giving your site a professional look and feel while staying within a small business budget.

Originally designed as blogging software, WordPress has quickly become one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the Internet. By turning off comments, your site transitions from a traditional blog format to an informative website. Use the blog feature to provide your clients and prospective customers with timely answers to their most burning questions, and you’re ready to employ content marketing on your small business website. While a small business website design solution like WordPress is a great option for many companies, WordPress is still a software system that takes knowledge and practice to use. WordPress design charges depend on a wide array of factors focusing on the complexity of your site and your content needs.

When hiring a small business website designer, talk about the proposed layout and design of your new site. Will the site be easy for visitors to navigate? Does the designer offer content services to write text for your website? Where will the designer get the pictures for your website? Is the designer familiar with marketing and public relations best practices to include clear calls to action and contact information? Does the designer understand search engine optimization best practices?

Small business website design prices can range from $2,000 to $20,000, depending on your needs. Sites with e-commerce solutions or marketing automation are likely to cost more than a site with simple informational pages. Here are a few additional factors that may affect the cost of your small business website:

1. Do you need copywriting? If you already have text for your website, the designer can input your writing. Need professional marketing copy? You’ll need the services of a copywriter.

2. Do you have photos? If you have photos of your work, a web designer will resize them for your site. Otherwise, you may have to purchase stock photos to use on your website. Because customers value photos on websites, pictures are vital to your website design.

3. How many services does your business offer? The more services, the more pages the designer needs to add to your website.

4. How many employees do you need to highlight? Have multiple employees? More pages can raise the cost of your small business website.

5. Need payment or donation gateways? Added service options can affect the overall cost of your site.

While website design prices can vary based on your needs, a web designer can give you an estimate and help you decide which options are best for your small business. Need help with website design for your small business? Contact Point Taken today!

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