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Marketing and Public Relations
for the Construction Industry

Whether you are building custom homes or spec houses, new developments or revitalizing historic neighborhoods, marketing and public relations for the construction industry is an important part of your sales process.

Point Taken‘s experienced team of marketing and public relations professionals have a wide variety of experience promoting companies in the construction and home improvement industries. From social media feeds showcasing the key features of the homes you build or renovate to videos of neighbors enjoying community amenities, at Point Taken, we understand selling a home or development is actually about selling a lifestyle. We can help you promote that lifestyle through carefully crafted copy, a logo and color scheme that matches the excitement someone feels when purchasing  in your community, a website that makes people feel like they’ve stepped into their dream home in their dream neighborhood or special events that bring people to your community who otherwise may not have visited. 

Whether you are new to the construction industry or have been building for years, we can help you transform your marketing and public relations to sell more homes. Ever dreamed of having one of your houses featured in a glossy magazine? Our PR team can help with that too.


Ready to Add a Spark
to Your Marketing and Public Relations
for the Construction Industry?

Point Taken Communications, a boutique Jacksonville public relations and marketing firm serving brands nationwide, creates engaging campaigns that ignite positive change and move audiences to action. We go above and beyond, ensuring each client gets the best return on its investment. Our team of senior professionals has decades of experience bringing bold, creative ideas to life to help companies and nonprofits grow and evolve. At Point Taken, our clients inspire us to fuel progress for your organization, your industry and our world.